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Strategy Name Benchmark Strategy Launch Vehicles Team Location
RBC Global Equity MSCI World Net September 2006 Segregated Account, SICAV, US '40 Act
Canadian Mutual Fund
RBC Global Resources 65% MSCI World Energy Index, 35% MSCI World Materials Index August 2005 Segregated Account, SICAV Toronto
RBC Global Low Volatility Equity Sharpe Ratio of MSCI World Index January 2013 Segregated Account Toronto

RBC Global Equity

The RBC Global Equity strategy seeks to provide long term capital appreciation by investing in equity securities of companies located throughout the world, including both developed and emerging markets. The strategy invests in companies which we believe have winning business models, expanding market share, growing end markets and strong management teams; what we collectively call strong ‘Competitive Dynamics’. We believe that the superior sales, profits and cash flows that result from strong Competitive Dynamics drive attractive share price performance and economic value creation. The strategy uses a disciplined risk management process to actively manage and diversify risk exposures (such as currency, market or geography) which permits long-term returns to be predominately driven by bottom-up fundamental stock-picking or stock specific risk.

Strategy Overview:

  • Long-term ownership mind-set with integrated ESG
  • Focus on companies with sustainable Competitive Dynamics
  • Efficient usage of risk
  • Low correlation to peer group delivers a different flavour of alpha

RBC Global Resources

Investment Objective and Philosophy

The RBC Global Resources strategy seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in equity securities of companies around the world in energy and materials sectors. The strategy will invest primarily in companies that are involved directly or indirectly in the exploration, development, production or distribution of natural or other resources.

Strategy Overview

  • Focus on resource companies that are able to grow production, reserves and cash flow
  • Ability to find attractive small- and mid-cap companies with quality deposits, a strong management team, and an ability to finance future growth plans
  • Investment team with deep experience in natural resources
  • North American advantage

Investment Team

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RBC Global Low Volatility Equity

The RBC Global Low Volatility strategy seeks to systematically validate, monitor, enhance and implement fundamentally sound and economically relevant investment principles, while leveraging the advantages inherent to quantitative processes.

Strategy Overview

  • Focus on stocks that have been less volatile in the past and take correlations into account when building the portfolio
  • Gravitate towards small- and mid-cap stocks
  • Apply fundamental investment principles and proven investment experience to improve risk and return
  • Control portfolio size exposures to improve liquidity, reduce trading costs and ensure capacity